Macbeth 2015
Macbeth 2015
Macbeth 2015
Macbeth 2015
Macbeth 2015
Macbeth 2015

Midsummer Shakespeare Company is a 1- to 3-week immersion into the world of Shakespeare and his plays. The program offers an unparalleled opportunity for children, youth and adults in to learn and grow through participation in artistic endeavors. Actors learn skills necessary to the art form, including text analysis, voice and diction, body and movement, working in ensemble, stage combat, dance, journaling, and more.


While learning character development for their roles on stage, the young actors develop character traits for the roles they will play in life, too. Their trust in self

and others grows through ensemble work; every actor’s self-esteem rises with each hard-won success in rehearsal and production. Actors discover new depths

of responsibility, both personal and corporate, as they commit to the tasks of study, comprehension, and performance. 


“What’s past is prologue.” The Tempest, 2.1

“Evans and his associates are to be congratulated for their fine work… These highly creative, talented and hard-working people make this program 
a unique experience for both the young people who do the shows and the community who gets to see them.” J. M., Play review


“We had so much fun! Thank you!” K.L., Participant, age 7        

“Can’t you make the camp longer?”  A.R., Participant, age 12


"I’ve learned more about myself and acting than words can say.” O.A., participant, age 14

“… because of you I have the courage to dream big and chase after those dreams. I don’t know if I want to be an actress, but I do know I have the courage to try. Wherever my life may lead me, whatever my future may hold, just know that you have made such a difference in my life.” M.H., Participant, age 17

“Thank you for the experience you have given our children. I believe God gives us unique talents and abilities… We are all richer because you have chosen not only to develop yours but to share them with others. Thank you again for sharing your love of Shakespeare and theater with us.” K.W., Parent


“We commend your ability to educate and entertain… and value you as artists and teachers who makes a positive difference in the lives of our young  people.” Director, Navarro Council of the Arts


“This camp raised the reading levels of every participating student. One 2nd-grader who was lagging at a 1st-grade level now succeeds at 3rd-grade, mid-term pace.” A.A., Curriculum Specialist (regarding a male student at close of a 3-week camp)



More than 130 professionals in acting and theatre began with MSC.

Thousands credit us with helping them achieve their chosen fields.