EnterActive(c) Programs provide interactive presentations that address the literature of your choosing. These presentations involve students immediately. Language arts, social studies, math and science concepts are woven into presentations which engage every student’s learning styles. (Grades K-12).


Each program involves students in activities which teach them how to tackle and enjoy literature for themselves.


Consultations are always free, and we can create a presentation that will best meet your curricular goals.


Enjoy Shakespeare at Any Age and Every Grade, On-Level Presentations for K-12


EnterActive(c) Shakespeare

Provides workshops and/or performances of the Bard’s plays, tailored specifically to each grade level (K-12). Let us take Shakespeare off the page and onto the stage in minutes, then students enjoy the plays! Teachers respond, “Why wasn’t I taught Shakespeare this way?”


Choose from these highly acclaimed presentations for Pre-K through 5:


Tall Tales of Texas stretch the truth right out of Pecos Bill and other tales, with props and attire of the Old West, and a heapin’ helpin’ of audience involvement.


Fractured Fairy Tales twist and turn listeners into storytellers as they discover fact and fiction in folk and fairy tales, led by a costumed bard in Renaissance jongleur fashion.


Paddy O' Somethin'-or-Other spins yards of Irish yarns, clad in green (of course!), and sportin' a shillelagh, a treasure chest, and the lore of yore.


Choose from these highly acclaimed presentations for 6 through 12:


Greco-Roman Mythology

Personalizes these ancient tales through improvised storytelling, student-acted, including “Prometheus Bound“ and

"Way Homer: the Odyssey in 12 Minutes or Less". Incorporating a brief writing activity, students discover their personal stories share common elements with the ancient myths.

American Literature of the 1800s

Examines the Civil War century from Poe to Crane, within poetry, fiction, theater, music, film and visual art.

Students see how the interaction of artists with their historical contexts shaped and defined each other.

Beat Generation “BE-IN”

Drops out lecture, turns on experience, and tunes in the poets and movement called the Beat Generation. Students share poems, music and improvise to the power of the possible in a celebration of language art.

DaVinci Fair Stories