Troupe d’ Jour has provided professional development for educators and administrators from its very beginning. In fact, the event that gave birth to TdJ’s inception was a textbook adoption tour for Harcourt (then HBJ) when hal was hired to demonstrate effective storytelling techniques for bringing the literacy content to life. That was 1991.


By 1993, the demand for these presentations led hal into post-graduate studies and, subsequently  to create Troupe d’ Jour as an educational theatre company whose mission to help educators engage their students in ways that bring curriculum to life.

Or, to put it simply, TdJ helps teachers help their students enjoy the learning process and achieve measurable results.


Workshop content can be expanded or compacted to fit the staff development setting desired: full-day, half-day, after school, even week-long conferences.


The success of residencies for professional development has proven lasting effects. When a TdJ teaching artist embeds in classrooms of one or more grade levels for a week or longer, the students connect to content while the teachers enjoy a ‘lab school’ experience in innovation. The artists model the process and hand over the fresh techniques and insights.


Residencies can be designed to address problem areas in content or to simply enhance units wherein the teaching already has success. ELA, math, science, social studies— any subject— Troupe d’ Jour will create a plan of action to spur your campus toward its goals.




  • Arts Integration Modalities: Taking AIM at Student Success through Arts Integration

  • The Art of Storytelling: How to Get the Most from a Story and Your Style

  • London’s Calling: TdJ’s Annual Excursion to the UK for Sites and Insights

  • MI Possible: How Attention to Multiple Intelligences Truly Leaves No Child Behind

  • Save Your Voice: Care and Nurture of Your Most Important Teaching Tool

  • Scaling the Poetic Escarpment: Keys to Piquing Student Interest in Poetry

  • Setting the Stage: Re-Thinking Classroom Management as a Theatre of Operation

  • Tackling the Tough Ones: How to Teach Controversial Subjects in Uncontroversial Ways

  • Teaching Shakespeare through Performance: How to Hear Your Students Plead…to Read More Shakespeare!