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Presentations and Residencies


Troupe d’ Jour









Engage and Inspire Students!

 In self-contained sessions, we

  • Combine multi-media, music and spoken word performance

  • Demonstrate vocabulary and analysis techniques

  • Enjoy poems of Silverstein, Angelou, Hughes, Frost,

       Whitman, Sandburg, Neruda, evans and others

  • Examine various forms of poetry

  • Write original poems




Engage, Inspire, and Equip Students and Faculty!

 All aspects of the presentations are incorporated, plus we

  • Demonstrate additional vocabulary, literary terms,

       and poetic forms with in-depth analysis

  • Explicate poems specific to curriculum

  • Write multiple poems

  • Celebrate student work in spoken word performance

  • Explore avenues for publication

  • Share information on Poetry Out Loud and how to connect (grades 9-12)


Poetry comes to us as naturally as oxygen, once we learn to breathe it.


The Teaching Artists of Troupe d’ Jour

equip students and educators with fresh

techniques for understanding poetry,

and enjoying it.


Our strategies bear proven results

in the classroom, on test days,

and for lifelong learning.


We incorporate all learning styles in

every session, engaging each student

for her/his fullest participation.


*TdJ’s Spoken Word Events create opportunities for students to read or recite their original and favorite poems,

and thereby join our Said Poets’ Society!


Contact Us at or 281.734.8314, or on the web at

and like us at

Duration: 45-90 minutes (per class schedule)

Sessions:  Half-day (2) / Full-day (up to 5)

Fees:         Begin at $475 (half-day, solo presenter)

Add-ons:  Afterschool PD, Spoken Word Event*

Duration:    3 days to 4 weeks

Sessions:     Up to 6 contact hours per day

Fees:            Begin at $2150 (solo presenter)

Inclusions: PD and Spoken Word Event*